Mk 17 speed reload doesn't have the Velcro magazine removal-from-carrier sound

It's the one gun with standard (i.e. not drum, internal, belt, pistol) magazines that doesn't play that Velcro-y removal-from-carrier sound when theoretically removing the magazine from said carrier. The inconsistency really bothers me. True for both extended mags and factory mags. I know that I personally am probably the only person to care enough about tiny details that most people don't notice, but I really dislike how it's the only gun that should but doesn't make the sound.

Sidenote- why don't guns play any magazine removal-from-carrier sound during normal reloads? I mean, regardless of if it's a speed reload or a regular one, you're still un-velcroing an ammunition pouch which makes a Velcro sound.

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