August Community Update

Approaching mid-month already and I'm more than prepared for community update #2. Don't leave me/us hanging until the last week, pretty please.

@cav00man hmm.. are we expecting that in mid sept? I thought it would come at the end like 25 to 30 sept

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Looks a lot nicer then Mudrunner.

yeah graphics look a lot better lot more detailed, good textures inside and outside. trees and grass look way nicer but its expected with completely new and different engine, IDK about fog in the distance I hope they maximize potential for PC port

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@zamal Though you don't want to completely remove it. It gives a nice sense of distance. I'd rather preffer them to push it further away.

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To me the landscape in that screenshot looks just like the one in MR. I don't really see a substantial difference in the graphics. The interior is obviously way better.

@kingnightshadow said in Community Update #1 - SnowRunner:

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I would say that the lighting is not very good, and this terrible fog again. This is supposed to be a new engine, yes or no?

Interior looks good.

It looks good to me. In the fog the tree's slowly fade out as they get further back, which is realistic. And even a lot of times you can see silhouette's in the distance, unless the fog is really heavy. But this game isn't going for heavy fog. just a light fog in the distance to help with rendering.

Graphics look fine to me. The biggest issue MR had was the unrealistic chunky mud, and from early screenshots we're seen SR fixes that. Other then that MR was already a fantastic looking game as was. So I've got no complaints.

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@justinlynch3 The fog actually looks OK in that screenshot. I was thinking of something else. I was thinking of the current MR where sometimes distant trees in the fog appear whiter than the surroundings. I hope they fix that in SR. Same with the windshields that are not even affected by the fog. While the landscape in the screenshot above looks nice, I can't help but see the strong resemblance to MR. I suspect the SR engine is merely just an evolution of the MR engine, not a new engine.

and date has come, waiting patiently for second community update 😇

Well I hope we get something.

Updates were supposed to be "monthly". We're already having a rocky start...

@cav00man I'll give Focus until the end of the month before I say they broke their promise.

Don't worry, the second Community Update is aaalmost ready! 🙂

Wild guess, is it dropping on Monday? That'd be the 30th.