August Community Update

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Hey @Naruto-Kaneki, there are no plans for this at the moment.

Thanks for letting me know but do try something to figure something out....

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@Jellyfoosh will it come to Steam store any time soon or not at all

from what i understood by other EGSclusive titles , the standard lenght of such exclusivity is 1 year , but game is developed by Saber Interactive and they are one of the few devs that havent said a word on the "exclusivity lenght" yet ☹

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is that a tank?


Looks like some sort of BTR (IFV) with wheels to me.

@Mr-Lolos yeah, ur right but what is that doing in the game? its funny how they chose thsi one to show off russian side of the game

Hahah yea you are right πŸ˜ƒ I think a casual show of everyones beloved "Ural" or "Kraz" would be of more value.

@zamal Fun fact, the non-snowy part of the trailer looks better IMO πŸ˜ƒ
Ohh and is good to have fully synched MP

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Will all the trucks have official licenses? Will there still be russian trucks?

@Mr-Lolos the tank is a brdm like in PUBG ![alt text](image url)

alt text

alt text

@jackwyatt5556 Mate it cant be BRDM for a simple reason, It has more than 2 axles. Bottom one is BRDM.
It looks more like some strange version of BTR (Top pic).

You need to paste URL where it says image URL.

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Hey! where is the option to upload images? I can't upload them to the forum anymore!

I'm just here to complain about the Epic store thing. Honestly good chance that'll be a deal breaker. I was very excited for this and was definetly going to buy it. Definetly a harder sell now.

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@Jellyfoosh Is it the standard 1 year deal???
And after that year there is possibility to appear elsewhere like GoG/Gamepass/Steam/... ?

GoG was confirmed by devs (mudrunner in vc) - "buy it in epic and play in gog".
(I m on console and dont know that it means)
Also one of the devs (or community manager, Dvoryaninoff) said that this new setup for mods MAY create an opportunity to bring mods to consoles!

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Good thing you have the choice of playing snowless maps as well then @deathcoreboy1 πŸ™‚
The synchronous multiplayer will support four players at once.

Images should still work, but they have to be under 1MB.

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@Jellyfoosh I don't have the icon with the cloud anymore ΒΏ? A little help please? I uploaded a pic a few moments ago and now the icon is gone.

Ohh, and it's good to know monthly articles are back πŸ˜ƒ

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@Jellyfoosh Hey! I can't even open my chat messages! It says I don't have privileges to perform this action. What's wrong?

they also said following

"SnowRunner puts you behind the wheel of a huge roster of customizable heavy-duty vehicles from manufacturers like Pacific, Navistar and more in some of the world’s most untamed, unforgiving environments. There are more than 15 new sandbox maps to explore, some up to four times larger than those in the original MudRunner. Master extreme hazards like snowdrifts, ice, rivers and mud β€” each with their own unique challenges β€” to get your cargo safely to its destination as quickly as possible. Take on the elements alone or with friends online in fully-synchronous four-player co-op multiplayer!"

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So mods for consoles confirmed by focus itself! On youtube comments, "post launch".

In trailer i saw some hopes for working mirrors (some reflections on this small round mirror, but maybe fake...), and for proper dashboard.

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