August Community Update

@Stazco Yeah, dashboards look nice. You can spot it on the yellow truck before it falls through the snowy cliff.
What is Vcontacte? Can you post a pic or a link to the confirmation?

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Its russian social network, home of mudrunner
"MudRunner ответил Сергею
Сергей, регистрация в два клика. Потом можете хоть через GOG запускать:)"

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@Stazco Just saw it. No GOG info anywhere bud. We're stuck with Epic Store.

It really is a roller coaster of emotions, first it goes steeply up, then rapidly downhill.

The game, as it is shown here, looks great, many improvements that will add up to a great gaming experience in the end.
Too bad that the decision to bring the game exclusively into the EGS completely dominates the discussions about the long-awaited trailer.
I see some great details and trucks in the trailer that I really didn't expect!
The maps look very detailed and natural, especially the rivers and new rocks look great.

Unfortunately I can't ignore the transfer to Epic either:
Spintires and Mudrunner have created a lively community on Steam over the years, the transfer to Epic tears a hole in it.
I'm not a Steam fanboy and I don't want to boycott SnowRunner just because they go to Epic.
But on Steam I would have pre-ordered immediately, now my purchase decision doesn't depend on you (Saber/Focus) anymore, but on how well the Epic launcher works until the release and how safe it is- because I would rather not have a Chinese Trojan on my computer...

@Jellyfoosh Can you provide any details why the switch from Steam to Epic was made? Better revenue split? I also think like others that this is a mistake, but time will tell. I haven't even heard of Epic Store until now. Steam is where most serious games are sold and I've been on it for many years like many others. I noticed just yesterday that even Age of Empires the Definitive Edition has moved to Steam after being exclusive on the Microsoft Store for a few years. Apparently not enough exposure. You may see the same thing with Epic.

And what's with the renaming to Snow Runner? I think Mud Runner 2 was a better name, unless the vast majority of driving in the new game will be on snow, but that may not appeal to some people. I'm hoping it's no more than 50%.

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@Jellyfoosh But is mudrunner done? For me being on console I'd like at least 1 more dlc to keep me going cuz snowrunner ain't coming till at least 5 months

@Unster There's no mystery. It's obviously about the money. You hadn't heard about Android up until one day either, and iPhone was the only serious smartphone, yet here we are. There are some valid concerns about the Epic Store, but "it being new" isn't one of them.

@Jayson Even for us PC users, I would like at least another patch finally addressing some of the long-standing issues that people have mentioned. Another DLC isn't necessary but welcome. 🙂

@Lombra I don't mind new stuff. My point was that it's a rather strange and probably risky change, basically throwing away the whole Steam customer base.

@Lombra said in Community Update #1 - SnowRunner:

but "it being new" isn't one of them

Not having a proper Workshop is one of them.

there's a better looking driver also , with a watch and a ring 🙂

What the flying heck did I just watch? I can't hold back my utter disappointment with the direction this game's development obviously took. First and foremost, it's an Epic store exclusive. Personally, this counted as worst-case scenario. Which means: no achievements, a sub-optimal multiplayer experience, no mod "workshop" and everything bad the Epic store is infamous for. Also, why "SnowRunner" all of a sudden? Is it going to be focused on snowy environments? Until now, it appeared as if snow would only constitute a side element to the otherwise predominantly muddy setting. The graphics and physics look all right, I guess - it's difficult to judge from the trailer you gave us. I'm... rather speechless altogether.

“With the fully-synchronous multiplayer, all of this can be experienced with your friends.“

Does this mean sound, headlights, mud tracks etc will be finally synced together in multiplayer?

I know it literally reads that way but this is big news for a small sentence to cover

I have only one question, is it an 1 year or forever? The rest do not interest me, I waited so much. Not anymore.

SnowRunner leaves a different impression from MudRunner2. It leaves the impression that it's equivalent to MudRunner, but it's snow based rather than mud based. If MR2 is supposed to be a significant improvement over MR, and it seemed like it was, then why change the name?

Or will MR continue to be developed as well and receive engine updates from SR? Now that would be something, but I doubt that's the plan.

If we forget the epic store relocation for a second there seems to be 3 predominant concern that will bug me until game is released

  1. Snowrunner, why did u change the name i really dont get it, as @Unster said does this indicate total change of direction.. Are we forgetting mud. And how much different snow physics are going to be from mud one. I mean i loved idea of proper snow since original sp but if its all about snow... No

  2. Showing off tanks as russian side of snowrunner... Is this a joke? Would have been much better if there was uaz or kraz shown, also u guys shying away from showing more than 1 frame of russian snowrunner is really concerning, i think ur direction has shifted so hard towards snow ull forget to bring us some good Russian maps and trucks.. Lets hope im wrong

  3. I already asked this but i felt like it was stepping over the line, i thought it would have been very uncharacteristic from devs do treat community like that and bring microtransactions to the game, but after today, after this horrible news about epic game story exclusivity forever... Im really concerned that more crazy things are going to pop up along the way @Jellyfoosh some clarifications on loot-boxes and all that nonsense please

Hey guys, do any of you have an issue posting pictures or accessign DMs? I'm still unable to do any of these.

Ohhh wait!! If I try to login from another browser it says:
"Login Unsuccessful
Local login system has been disabled for non-privileged accounts."

I'm afraid if I logof from this browser I won't be able to login again.

@Jayson Thanks for the reply! Can you open DMs?