Apparently Jehanne Rousseau was interviewed by IGN today, but I didn't see it. I imagine it will be available later to view on YouTube. I really wish there was a schedule of when they were covering Greedfall. I don't have time to sit and watch 27 hours of coverage with a hope that 20 minutes might be Greedfall!

Okay...found the live IGN feed and rewound, but couldn't find this interview (I know it's the right one because of the IGN guy with the white and green shirt). I don't think it was aired live? Maybe they will air it later?

This is why I read a recap after the event. I'll have to watch the interview.

@Ben-Kenobi said in Gamescom:

@tudorhousewife Where did you find this picture?

Twitter. A PR person from Focus Interactive tweeted and Jehanne retweeted it. You can see it on her feed.

Odd that the interview was not live on the IGN YouTube stream. I think there is supposed to be some gameplay in their Gamescom show tomorrow? Starting at 7:30am PDT - the English feed.

@tudorhousewife I don't know about he interview. But IGN schedule Greedfall for 20 minute on their next live.


Finally found this... 7:05 PDT

20 minutes of greedfall.😆 I hope it will be new videos and not old ones..

I'm not expecting much from the 20 min but I hope I'm surprised.

Appreciate a tl;dr for anyone watching.

They interview the CEO while showing gameplay (some new some old).

Glad I didn't expect much. Game is almost here so I'll survive.

Good news on discord one of them said that some youtubers will release gameplay footage after gamecom is over

Well that is good to know!

Also this is not related but Tehsnakerer one of the few Youtubers who did reviews for Mars War Logs and Technomacer said he might do one for Greedfall

Saw some of the gamescom video. Really liking the combat, want to see moar!