Seeing you guys skipped E3 and Gamescom this year; how about just coming out and saying this game is not coming out in 2019. It would be nice to get some real talk about the game and not the dev speech of "we are working hard on the game."

Getting any information, apart from the default "We are working hard on the game", would go a long way to alleviating concerns of the community.

The majority of the posts here are questions about the game even happening.

There has been so little feedback from the devs that it's hard to drum up interest in the title, which is madness considering how strong a tabletop following both the original and 2017 version have.
There have been press screenings of alpha-builds of the game and alpha-access to some people, so why not build on that and help to drum up the support that the IP deserves ahead of any release.

Personally, as much as I want this to come out, I don't see this coming in 2019. Possibly Q3 or 4 2020?


Definitely true.

I'm a huge fanboi for this game but... We hardly know anything about it 😂 .
The lack (more like complete absence) of info is definitely a cause of major butthurt for me.

They said "We do indeed have 2019 as the release date".
Then again, there was also supposed to be a road map too.
But even more so, there hasn't been anything besides 1 teaser and 6 screenshots since early 2018.
And there still isn't even a page on steam to at least let us wishlist it.
Hopefully they will let us know whether 2019 is still the plan or not.
I'd rather not have more cases of "Oh i hope they're at E3!" and "Well, there's still Gamescom!" just for it to be nothing.

Something besides "We're still working on it" would definitely be nice.
Especially when like NaloaC said the majority of the posts questions whether or not its still even happening.
And it makes me wonder why they even hired a community manager either.
Not trying to sound snarky or rude. Much love for game and the devs, but I'm just butthurt 😞 .

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