Snow runner!!
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Looking good, can't wait to hear more.

Third screen from facebook, journalists at gamescome.

It looks like there are snow on the roof of this new addon!

alt text

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@Stazco what is this vehicle. It's weird.

No, i hope its not weird but great - we get Vahtovka, 6×6 bus for personnel in Siberia!!

Like this Ural (with swamp tires):

alt text

Or this Grizzly based on Uaz:

alt text

(...yes, grizzly is weird...i vote for ural or similar)

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@Stazco With quality of that picture, I give up on guessing about snow 😃 Just reflection is also an option

Main difference between your two options is, that URAL is "just" Ural with bus-like addon and as such, it can go pretty much equally anywhere with already known balanced performance. But UAZ is custom built, on custom tires and that makes it probably superior in its enviroment (swamp or deep snow I presume), but most likely pretty dumb somewhere else (heck, on that picture of yours it is loaded/unloaded from trailer).
Think about gameplay possibilities 🙂

@Stazco I'd say it's the second I one.

Yes...but its just a unique tuning vehicle, maybe a couple or dozen produced...
Maybe its a swamp tuning unimog...or gelendwagen...german googling is needed)

@Stazco Whatever it is, I don't think I'm going to like it. I'm more into regular kind of vehicles. Don't like super weird extreme things.

So red bus is not Vahtovka(((
Its a weird tuning UAZ on swamp wheels TRECOL:
alt text

So without pure Vahtovka there are less chances that we will have new missions to deliver people((

NOT confirmed: deliver personnel, to start operations on some facilities (garages and limber mill, kiosks too, why not). And to expand operations of already working facilities(?)

But even Trecol has only passenger seats inside (and used as Vahtovka, in tundra to save the soil) maybe we will have such crucial for serious game "PERSONNEL" missions?

alt text

That do You think, guys?

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@Stazco More likely that vehicle will just be used to haul cargo or deliver fuel/repair points. Delivering people would be nice and add another dynamic to the game, but I doubt the game is going in that direction.

And that's assuming this vehicle makes it into the game. Remember, things could still change before release.

I hope they will. Its easy...just simple addon (like in mods), and mission - deliver 5 mechanics to garage and/or 5 guys to the mill.

alt text

@Stazco It's not simple if done properly. I wasn't just thinking of spawned manikins. I was thinking of animated people that get on your bus and take a seat. Now that would be cool, like a bus simulator but in mud or snow.

Animated people?)) In game with "great" BOOM animation of unloading logs, and garages established?

Im ok with it, just give us a mission!)

@Stazco said in Snow runner!!:

with "great" BOOM animation of unloading logs

lol! you're probably right.

Yeah, something is better than nothing, usually.