Vehicles list - Snowrunner


Scouts (A class)

  1. GAZ 69A; 4×4; 1952-1972


Special Vehicles

  1. GAZ 59037А; 8×8; 1988 - now
  2. TRECOL 39294; 6×6; 2005 - now
    (or its a Grizzly)


Scouts (A class)

  1. International Scout (model index-?); 4×4; 19xx?
  2. Chevy Stepside K 1500; 4×4; 1990


  1. Oshkosh M1070; 8×8; 1992 - present
  2. Freightliner M916A3; 6×6; 2001-?
  3. International FleetStar; 6х4; 1962 - 1977
  4. International PayStar 5000;6×6; 1972 - 1986
  5. FORD CLT-9000; 6×4; 1982-1991
  6. GMC MH9500; 6×4; 1966-?
  7. Oshkosh M911 CHET; 8×6; 1970-?
  8. WHITE - Western Star 4864; 6×4; 1967-1972
  9. Western Star 6900XDG; 8×8; 2012
  10. International LoadStar 1700; 4×4; 1977
  11. International Transtar II CO 4070; 6×4; 1974-1981

Lets try to list here the vehicles from Snowrunner. I dont believe we will get it soon from devs.
All pics and discussions can be found below (PUSH THE LINK), this first post is updated by me to list all "confirmed" vehicles.
So please put here your investigations with pics.
(this thread not for suggestions)

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@Stazco said in Vehicles list - Snowrunner:

GAZ 59037А

Nice job identifying this BTR model! @zamal check this. Is something close to the already in mudrunner D class military vehicles. Is not a tank. We're safe.

I'll go ahead.
This is an International Scout. Looks like the 1963 model:

alt text alt text

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@deathcoreboy1 oh thanks to @Stazco our russian savior! 😂 thanks god its civil type vehicle for transporting people and not "Tank"

also @Stazco update thread if someone gives valuable information so ppl dont have to go through whole comments

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@Stazco You probably should keep the original post clean to consolidate the brands and model names while we discuss with pictures along the thread. This way you can edit the original post when someone identifies a new vehicle. If you don't mind, of course 😃

Oshkosh M1070A1 HET (newer version) older one has much cubical forms and less smoothness, im guessing they couldnt get licenses and changed front grill and little air stabilizer on the sides or whatever they are called idk, i prefer its original military look tho, this looks like some 6 years old kid painted it 😃 no offense to whoever did it


alt text

Got more!!

Salute the Freightliner M916A3:
alt text
alt text
alt text

Man, these wheels look sick! I hope they put it into the game.

alt text
alt text

PD: how do I make my URL photos show up bigger?

@zamal I was browsing through OSHKOSH truck images and couldn't come across any model similar enough to quote it here. TBH this is the worse representation of a truck I've ever seen 😃 unless you and I are wrong and they are trying to mimic another model.

Well, I figured out some more:
International FleetStar

alt text

alt text

And, this one is a lost bullet but looks like a 2000s International 4700

alt text
alt text

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Well! Its that i like! Real community job!
Ok, soon i will update my first post to make it a LIST.
Please provide full model name and if possible year of prod and drive formula (6×4 etc).

As for last night shot - i hope it Zil...why? Someone mentioned it in comments...but most probably its not)

As for ugly orange vehicle- i believe they put such colors to show painting capabilities))

And lets not forget about vehicles from first mr2 update with screens...most are usa, not my field)

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ohhh boy, this one is exciting!

International PayStar 5000!
alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Hard to tell year of production since the paystar models were produced for a looong time period and probably still are. They can come in 6X4 and 6X6 axle configuration. Probably they'll add the possibility to choose/upgrade it into the game.

Sorry for the long post, but this truck is amazing IMO!

Edit: They can also come on 8X6 axle config as in the las pic

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@Stazco Civil version of BTR... There is something in that country that you just HAVE TO love 😃

@deathcoreboy1 Bro ur on roll, how do you guess all those trucks from 1 second frames 😃 ur crazy, keep going i coudnt guess more than 1-2 trucks. Neither russian or american trucks are my field tbh

@zamal lmao! cuz I love Dump trucks and I've been looking into many of these to mod them.

@deathcoreboy1 so ur planing to go heavy modding when this comes out im guessing? do you also do maps?

@zamal No maps. But I've been working on my first truck for the past 2 months. I actually found out that I love 3D modeling and I'm pretty good at it. 😃

I started a map a few years ago and gave up because I had to deal with a lot of issues importing models to the editor. Didn't have internet back then, so I had to figure it out all by myself.

@deathcoreboy1 oh great, im 3d modeler myself actually went 4 years for it in uni LUL just finished this summer, unfortunately didnt have this much time to spend on modeling mudrunner stuff past few years with work and uni combined, but now i think ill find myself some spare time to model some trucks for Snowrunner and make some maps.. maybe

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Vehicles list - Snowrunner:

@zamal Cool!!!! I've just started. I'm on Blender 2.8 really but want to learn Maya and 3D Studio because they are Industry standards.

This is what I've came out with so far. It's my very first project so be light on me 😃

alt text

alt text

I made it all from scratch. Model, textures, everything except for the in-game wheels. It's still a work in progress but I'm pretty happy about how it's coming along

(I guess I broke the rule about self-promotion. Didn't I?)

This should be on the Mudrunner forum.

This is the Snowrunner forum, people are trying to identify vehicles from the new trailer.

@justinlynch3 Yeah, sorry. I went offtopic. I get it.

@Sodoma said in Vehicles list - Snowrunner:

@Stazco Civil version of BTR... There is something in that country that you just HAVE TO love 😃

Its called "conversion". After ussr broke, all military plant were trying to survive (ussr spend half of country revenue to war shit), and making some kitchen plates instead of heavy this GAZ BTR was one of them.

Now we spend 1/3 of revenue to fake war with the world, 1/3 to all spendings, and 1/3 are stolen by presidents mates.