Help us improve server stability [EU+US+ASIA]

Hello everyone,

We noticed that some of you are having trouble with some of our servers. In order to fix this issue and improve overall stability, we need some of your feedback on the game.

If you encountered problems on our servers, please reach out to us and email us:

Your location (country)

  • The zone you usually pick in matchmaking
  • Your IP address (it can be found on
  • Videos of the issue occurring and a look at the scoreboard, using Debug Overlays for FPS Counter, Network Stats, and level location (these can be found under Settings > Game > DeBug Settings)
  • The Replay ID of the game the issue occurred in
  • Your MTR report

In order to get an MTR report, you will have to:

  1. Download WinMTR - available here:
  2. Unzip the file and run the WinMTR.exe file inside it.
  3. Set the host as your server's IP address (no port) and hit 'Start'. Here are the IP addresses to use: EU: / US East: US West: / Asia:
  4. Continue to play with MTR running in the background for at least 20 minutes. You must play with MTR running. (If possible, record your gameplay at the same time)
  5. When you are finished, stop the trace and export the results to TEXT.
  6. Go to and copy your IP address.
  7. Email us the results at

Thanks for your support! Please feel free to reach out to us!

i have seen some errors on my dedicated server I would like you to seededicated server errors.JPG

can you help me with these

thanks for a great game