Can't Reconnect to Comp Matches.

This is a very Big issue for me right now, When i'm playing comp or any other game mode my screen is just black and then it says "Connection to the server timed out" This always occurs before getting into the loading screen.
Here's another major issue, Sometimes if i get disconnected from a match i cant reconnect. And i always end up getting the leaver ban, Indeed a very frustrating issue. It usually says "Preparing server" And then "Unable to find game" When im trying to reconnect, Sometimes it works after a minute or two. Also, Make it so i can rejoin the match while im in the lobby, I always have to leave the lobby to re-join.

Hello @Muhammad,

Did this issue happen in the live build or on CTE?

@Muhammad Can you try out our new matchmaking system on CTE and tell us what you think? Thanks!

I've tried out normal Pvp, seems to be working fine, But i can't find any Competitive matches since there's only like 2-3 ish people playing...