Why SnowRunner and Epic Games is a Good Thing.

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A lot of yall have been hating on snowrunner (and its not even released) about the game being released on the epic games platform. Most of yall hate Epic Games Due to Fortnite, but Epic Games is a huge platform, meaning that the Spintires and Mudrunner Franchise will not be dead anymore. Also, Epic Games has incredible mod support and has better protections against mod theft compared to the workshop, so modders do not have to worry. In addition, epic games tends to hire some modders time to time to mess with their games just for fun, so who knows what will be the future of Mudrunner, Mudrunner 2, and Snowrunner.

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@RiskyWisky I hope you're right, but I don't see it that way. Don't get me wrong, I'm onboard with SR but, the Epic Games store have a huge price difference in my country compared to steam. Not to mention that ALL my games are on steam and I'm really hard to let apps installed on my PC.

oh god, i dont want to get into this again... but for a change they dont hire no body, in fact they sue people for even attempting to mess with games on their store, and there is no mod support, its promised to be in half n year, who ever knows what that abomination will look like.. and what u saying protection against mod theft 😆 😆 😆 back up that claim please?

@RiskyWisky What do you mean by saying future of Mudrunner 2 AND Snowrunner? Wasn't Mudrunner 2 renamed to Snowrunner?

From official reveal trailer description: "Teased previously as MudRunner 2, SnowRunner (...)"

@RiskyWisky said in Why SnowRunner and Epic Games is a Good Thing.:

but Epic Games is a huge platform, meaning that the Spintires and Mudrunner Franchise will not be dead anymore

I don't understand that comment. Spintires has nothing to do with Epic and MudRunner isn't dead (on Steam).

trying to make sense of your post but still have a hard time with it .
honestly , there is no way i could ever care less of anything related to fortnite and it goes to without saying that just because they make that idiotic ripoff of PUBG ( another grossly overrated game ) doesn't mean the epic store is only fortnite . it would be like saying steam is nothing but half life or portal … no one is saying that about either . the reason for the negativity towards epic store has nothing to do with fortnite but their way to get publishers to exclusively sell their games on the epic store , a platform which is , by far , in many ways inferior to steam . the only way fortnite could help spread doubts over the epic games store's security comes from an exploit that has allowed hackers access to players infos and eavesdrop on games . the worst part is 40% of epic games is owned by tencent and , just for that , I would never give any form of financial information whatsoever to epic which would be necessary to purchase the game there .
what mod support ? right now they have none and sure they say it will be there within months but not much infos on that has been made public yet . as far as mod theft protections , can you elaborate ? it sure would be a great thing but i'm curious about that and really , difficult to trust game companies promises these days .
is it a timed exclusive or will it be release later in other places ?
I really hope mod support for consoles will be quick as there is no way I get snowrunner on epic store so xbox it will be … as soon as mods arrive there . if not I will just stay with mudrunner .

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Ok, saw your heading of how it is a good thing. Still waiting for the answer......