About SnowRunner being a Epic Games Store exclusive

My opinion is that you have a great franchise of a game here. First was SpinTires and after this it followed an even better game, MudRunner, after talking about this new game SnowRunner (btw. it looks awesome) I think that this game studio is making a mistake with making it an Epic Games Store exclusive. I understand that you are getting a bigger percentage of money from EGS than Steam, but I'm almost certain that your sales of the game will be cut in half, if not more.

A lot of people are tied to just one platform, Steam, it has well over 1 billion accounts registered and 85 million monthly active account, compared to EGS which has all together 85 million registered accounts, and I don't know the exact number, but my guess is that 84 million registered accounts that EGS has, is all about Fortnite, and many people, including me, think that Fortnite era has ended. While Steam is like universal PC game platform, people are registering to Steam for many different games, not only one game.

An other reason why I think this is a mistake, I understand games like Satisfactory, it was an original new game launched as a EGS exclusive, but you are changing platform, from Steam to EGS in middle of a franchise. I enjoyed both your games, SpinTires and MudRunner, met there a lot of people, and talked with them how they feel about this making a EGS exclusive, and the simple answer is, majority of them does not want to change their personal platform for this game.

Basically, you are just splitting PC gaming community a bit more, even though SnowRunner looks better than your previous games, I think that it will not be as successful as previous games, and all at the cost of changing the platform of the game.

All of the above is just my opinion on this, nothing else.

@Eagle528 I mostly agree, as do most others if you've read the comments here and on YouTube. But there's probably nothing we can do at this point as I'm pretty sure this is a done deal and Focus isn't going to back out of it, even if they wanted to.

FYI, Spintires is a separate game made by Oovee and it's no longer related to MR, even though MR obviously was based on ST.

@Eagle528 said in About SnowRunner being a Epic Games Store exclusive:

A lot of people are tied to just one platform, Steam

No one is "tied" to Steam.

@Lombra said in About SnowRunner being a Epic Games Store exclusive:

No one is "tied" to Steam.

True, not literally tied, but I understand the point. I also have accounts on other platforms (Microsoft, Origin) but in both cases it's only because of 1 particular game I was looking for and already knew about, and I rarely log on now. But guess what, I'm on Steam every day because that's where the vast majority of my games are, and that's also how I found both MR and ST by pure chance.

I don't know how Focus sells their other games, maybe Epic is working well for them, but if this is the first game they're publishing on Epic I think that's a very risky move to just leave the huge Steam market like that, even if maybe they're getting more money upfront from Epic. Guys like us will probably swallow the pill and open an Epic account just for this game, but the other Steam users that may be interested in this game and don't know about it won't.

I dont care, but Steam offers the best experience today. Also when can i Preorder 😁