Locked servers for experienced players?

I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but I'm so sick of playing games with level 20 or unders, and they dont play the game properly, or the Observer class properly, It makes me so angry, I'd really like to have a server locked for low level players (we'll say 25 as an example) and only for seasoned players, or players 25 and above, who know the game and know how to play properly, because sometimes i get put in servers with the highest rank among them is 10 and its so frustrating to try get somewhere when all they do is rush Obs, request stupid fire supports, waste them, team kill by accident constantly, and when they dont play Observer and the commander is trying to be a team player, so i'd really like to see a Vets server where we can all play the game properly, I know i probably sound like a sook and really rude, but the amount of new players in this game its getting hard to get a full server of seasoned players and i hate it.

I'm level 140 and play this game quite often, I need to play with people who are on the same page as me.

Welcome to the Gaming World .... You were like this at one time and just have to enjoy the Suck .. You will never see an Elite Server of Ranked or Public type maybe a custom when the time comes. We all sit in the trenches watching player that run and gun or Frag Team mates but that is gaming kids from 6 to 90 play and you can not hope to have an only Experienced Player lock out. Best you can do it just play and get to the next match.

if you're interested in a more tactical way of playing this game, you have to look for community servers that fit your needs (killfeed on/off, server rules, credit points etc), add them to your favorites and don't look back at the awful casual run&gun matchmaking rounds. 😉 ✌

if you have issues with finding servers in the server browser, try changing the ping limit setting in Steam (Steam preferences, In-Game tab, bottom left).

same here, just start adding ppl to your friends list wen u see them playing the objective and link up.