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The redeploy system does not work on defend objectives. if your squad is wiped out and it redeploys, in most cases its impossible to get back to the objective before they re-cap. Can you either suspend the capture for a moment after redeploy, or if you wipe on defense just give me a game over. the redeploy, wait 4 seconds, then game over screen does not feel good.

@chaton Happens on all maps, every time. It's not a bug 😉

You know how you respawn directly on the last objective when you have to defend it, when playing coop (solo) ? Basically, @phatcat is saying that it also should be the case with every previous objective. That, or just lose the game when you and your team get wiped out defending.

It is true that respawning far from the objective to defend feels frustrating, as by the time you actually get to respawn (wave time) and the time you cross the map to get to the objective enemies are capturing back, 9 times out of 10 you just can't make it there. Unless the AI enemies leave the objective (which they sometimes do, although very rarely), you're just too far to redefend the point, which gets captured, and you lose the game. It is pointless. You think you get a second chance at defending the point, yet it's just an illusion since you don't have enough time to sprint to the objective after respawning.

If you don't have time to make it to the point after respawning (which is a problem for every map and for every objective except the last one), and are forced to lose the game, then either :

  • Make it so that we always respawn on defending objectives, no matter if it's the first or last one.
  • Make it so being wiped out when defending an objective means that you officially lost the game.
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Oh @Grumf Thanks so much for the detailed explanation! I'll share this with the devs!

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