Nintendo Switch version?

I've noticed some concerning changes to the game update notes, under "Useful Information". First, the Nintendo switch version was listed as "may not" release simultaneously, then it was changed to "not releasing simultaneously" NOW it's been edited out completely!! Is a Nintendo Switch version still in development????

All we know from the official teaser trailer is PS4, XBOX and PC. No mention of Switch.

That's what worries me, every where it was mentioned has been removed!!?!?

Nintendo really gotta stop making their systems underpowered though. Credit where it's do some dev's somehow got some pretty amazing games on the Switch, but in probably a year or 2 (2021 or 2022) next gen will role around and Nintendo will be left in the dust again. Switch can barely run PS4 games on heavily decreased settings, it's not running any PS5 games at all.

Though I'm surprised they would seemingly cancel this game. MudRunner was pretty easy game to run and word is dev's wanted to keep similar specs for SnowRunner. Even the Switch should be able to run this series easily enough.

Maybe they ran into problems trying to get the game to run with the Switch's portable tablet feature, causing either a delay or cancellation.

I have no idea how difficult or easy Switch is to program for, but I do remember hearing these games only have a small dev team. Might just be a case that that Switch brought in the lowest sales and the other 3 systems are top priority.

At the end of the day who knows? Until Focus says something, we're in the dark. Unlike GTA there doesn't seem to be much of a insider community for MudRunner/SnowRunner, I never see leaks pop up around here. So until Focus themselves says something, we just don't know.

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It will come eventually, as mudrunner did. I mean look at switch roster, they are porting Doom and Witcher 3 on it, doing SR wont be that big of a task for them to tackle. So expect it but maybe post release after 6months or so