Possible Delay (or Mistake?)

Today on Twitter, two separate people tweeted that they pre-ordered via Amazon, but that the game was not going to be available until September 30th in one case, and October 3rd in another. Has anyone received a similar email from a pre-order with Amazon?

Is it possible the game has been delayed? Or just physical copies with Amazon?

In my country
Steam still 10 September.
Amazon PS4 still 10 September.

Same here still september 10.
I really hope you are wrong the waiting is killing me😖

Hmm... I ordered a physical PS4 copy and had it set for 2 day shipping (fastest option available when I ordered a few weeks ago.) I recently got an email from Amazon a few days ago saying they were upgrading the order to release date delivery, so I was pretty pleased.

I'm in the continental US, so not sure where the other people who reported the problems are located. I've received no other notification and my order shows as on schedule for delivery on the 10th.

On the PS4 it says September 9 so I'm guessing there is a mix up here.

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