Huh, I guess this marks the end of Hummer's.

From a commercial standpoint GMC has already stopped making the H2's and H3's. However, it seems the H1's are now going to be phased out as well. Apparently the US Military aren't happy with the Hummer, to small and to lightly armored. They are going to be replacing their line of Hummer's with another vehicle.

As this youtube guy said, to big and gas hoggy for the public, to small and weak for the military.

Seems like this is the final death nail for Hummer's.

Youtube Video


As long as they are in the game i dont care, coudnt care less what us military drives

I'm sure they'll still be in games. It's just from what I remember GM stopped selling Hummer's to the public some time ago. The military was all that was keeping Hummer alive, and now the military doesn't even want them.

Give it a few years and Hummer's are going to be collector items. lol

While real life won't be getting it, I think it would be interesting to see a speculative fictional Hummer H4 for either MudRunner or SnowRunner. 🙂