A new bug on death?

Not really sure whether this is entirely new or not, but it's the first I have seen of it. I was playing the frenzy coop mode, running from a flamer. For some reason my game had been stuttering here and there, which wasn't a big issue, however it chose to stutter as I was being attacked with a melee weapon. My game froze hard for about 5 to 10 seconds, which has never happened for me. When it unfroze, I could see my characters body on the floor as well as my weapons. However, my screen had a red filter over it, and I could still see my arms and weapons, as well as look around, talk to my alive teammates, etc. I could not walk or shoot, nor could I jump, crouch or prone. I tried seeing if I had been moved to the spectator slot, which I had not. Eventually, I got kicked for being idle for too long.

This isn't really a big issue to me, but I thought it might be something important or worth sharing. Fun game otherwise.

Hello @woodeN00,

Thanks for the report. Can you upload your DxDiag here, please? Was your ping 0 the moment when you were unable to walk or shoot?