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First of all, thanks very much for both of those replies! 🙂
Same, I'd also really like those two in SnowRunner as well (and the map)!
I'm on the same boat (truck?) as you on that one, what you said about the two E-Series trucks.

Also, I had no idea about the cyclops headlight having infrared capabilities! Thanks so much for that information! Yes, it would be very cool having it actually work in SnowRunner!! Also, I think if just the 535 would have Night Vision, it would also kind of make that vehicle more special and unique, as opposed to not having working night vision. Also, I feel like the term "cyclops" would be more fitting to these trucks (don't you?):

I am also happy i found a like-minded fellow, who is also crazy about 8x8 Russian/Belarussian/Ex-Soviet trucks. 🙂 Yes, the cyclops name is very fitting for D-535, especially after seeing those edited photos. Now, it looks like a true monster, but in a good way. :))

Here is the link with that particular piece of information regarding the MAZ-535's middle headlamp:

"Vehicles of the first series were equipped with a cabin with three sloping windshields and a third lamp in the center of the front panel, which was used to infrared illumination of a road when using a night vision device." 😉

Same, thanks so much! 🙂
I do like my Eastern-Europe/Asian 8x8s and other trucks (hence my username! 😛 ). 😄

When will the mods come out for mud runner on xbox one??!!??!!

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When will the mods come out for MudRunner on xbox one?

Never, but they are planning on giving SnowRunner console mod support post-release. 😉