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First of all, thanks very much for both of those replies! πŸ™‚
Same, I'd also really like those two in SnowRunner as well (and the map)!
I'm on the same boat (truck?) as you on that one, what you said about the two E-Series trucks.

Also, I had no idea about the cyclops headlight having infrared capabilities! Thanks so much for that information! Yes, it would be very cool having it actually work in SnowRunner!! Also, I think if just the 535 would have Night Vision, it would also kind of make that vehicle more special and unique, as opposed to not having working night vision. Also, I feel like the term "cyclops" would be more fitting to these trucks (don't you?):

I am also happy i found a like-minded fellow, who is also crazy about 8x8 Russian/Belarussian/Ex-Soviet trucks. πŸ™‚ Yes, the cyclops name is very fitting for D-535, especially after seeing those edited photos. Now, it looks like a true monster, but in a good way. :))

Here is the link with that particular piece of information regarding the MAZ-535's middle headlamp:

"Vehicles of the first series were equipped with a cabin with three sloping windshields and a third lamp in the center of the front panel, which was used to infrared illumination of a road when using a night vision device." πŸ˜‰

Same, thanks so much! πŸ™‚
I do like my Eastern-Europe/Asian 8x8s and other trucks (hence my username! πŸ˜› ). πŸ˜„

When will the mods come out for mud runner on xbox one??!!??!!

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When will the mods come out for MudRunner on xbox one?

Never, but they are planning on giving SnowRunner console mod support post-release. πŸ˜‰

It would be cool for if you crash into a tree for snow to fall on your vehicle

@DonatedHoney676 indeed the little touches like that would be nice

can we have a release date for the release date

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Can we have a release date for the release date?

Nah, first we need a release date for the release date's release date.

Unfortunately they can't comment on this yet, but they are excited to be releasing some information about [szYourQuestion] really soon.


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can we have a release date for the release date

It's supposed to be early 2020, I'd interpret that as the first quarter, i.e. up to March, but don't be surprised if it gets postponed. That happens in the software industry and it's difficult to predict as unexpected issues come up. From a dev's perspective, release dates absolutely suck. It's the sales people who love & demand release dates. Sometimes I prefer non-committal "release dates", even as a customer, for example "sometime this year" because that way you don't get disappointed. And it's why Focus doesn't want to commit to a release date prematurely either.

how will the release work are we going to be getting a release date. or is the beta going to come out or a release date for a beta going to be coming out?

@nightshadow3431 I doubt there will be a beta or any kind of playable demo.

@Unster it says above there will be

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Hey SnowRunners!

Q: Will there be a Beta?
Yes, SnowRunner will go through several rounds of Beta testing. We highly value our community’s input and want to involve them in the process leading up to launch. More details on the dates and specifics will be announced at a later date.

@Jayson OK, I missed that. I still have my doubts though. With supposedly only 2 months left before release, I'd imagine they'd have a beta available by now. Also, will it be a public beta or open to a select few?

@Unster hey ya never know what they gonna do... They might announce the first one in the next community update. I'm sure the beta will be public and if not just for pre order people

@Jayson If they want as much community feedback as possible, they should do a public demo, where only a portion of a map and few trucks are available to do a mission. I've never pre-ordered a game and never will. I like to see what I'm buying.

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@Unster agreed. The only game I've pre-ordered is MR πŸ˜‚