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Hey SnowRunners!

Q: Will there be a Beta?
Yes, SnowRunner will go through several rounds of Beta testing. We highly value our community’s input and want to involve them in the process leading up to launch. More details on the dates and specifics will be announced at a later date.

I'm all for public betas, closed or open, but I'm even more dead-set against this new trend of releasing 'paid for betas'. As in 'this game is unfinished but you can still pay full price for it and we might fix it down the road'.

Let's see what Focus decide. Does anyone know if/how they did this on other game titles? Maybe it will give us a heads up on what to expect?

@zoglet idk but the term for those is Game Preview

I'm just hopeing they announce a beta or a demo in the community update this month.

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@zoglet idk but the term for those is Game Preview

Regardless of what you call it, it's releasing an unfinished product onto the market at retail price. I also suspect it's a way of getting around having to pay the deployment platform for each further update, but I can't be sure. Perhaps you can you answer that?

@zoglet Not sure if I understood you correctly, but you wonder if you will have to pay for the Beta version? MR had a completely free Closed Beta version. If I remember correctly, those willing were given Steam keys for the "demo" version of the game and we could submit feedback on the forum. And the keys expired when the full version came out.

Hopefully it's an open beta to all. Some Steam games were like that, and no special keys were required.

@zoglet I don't know any games that offered a paid beta. If you mean Early Access, that's a bit different, and typically the price for those is lower than the price for the finished game, and you don't pay for the finished game if you already bought the early access version. I have several of those in my library, and I actually like this business model, provided the game doesn't get abandoned.

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@knight25 @Unster that sounds promising then. I'm all in for helping to make the product as good as it can be, although you may have a point that from a deployment perspective it will be easy to do so on PC than other platforms, which would rule me out. Let's wait and see and cross fingers that we all get an opportunity to give some useful (and hopefully objective πŸ˜‰ ) feedback.

Re the different names for what I described earlier, I honestly don't recall what it's called on XBox and may even have different names on different platforms (or releases). I hoped that was clear by paraphrasing 'paid for betas' in quotations . Without getting into a long debate on it (I've worked in software delivery in the past so I know what a beta is) the point I had hoped to make was that I was against the idea of paying for essentially an unfinished product, which seems to be an increasing release model these days in some areas.

I would like to add as a final point to all here that I try to comment intelligently and usefully on this forum and would hope that in the main I can be seen to do so. If that's not the case, I'm happy to discuss in the post or in parallel by PM. If a single word seems out of place, or point unclear, it could be because I'm working on something else in parallel so I ask for your patience and understanding, and would hope that the rest of the post should make my position on the discussion pretty clear. I'm not here to nit-pick or score points, I'm just a player and fan like most of you with a fair few hours game time (waaaay too many), I would like to think that my opinions come from experience as much as subjective preference and my main interest is in seeing this game not only succeed but continue to evolve into something we can all continue to enjoy and bury our time into for a long time into the future.

If anyone thinks an edit is warranted for clarity or correctness, I'm happy to do so rather than get lost in pages of dialogue (although I guess that's what forums are for, right? πŸ˜‰ )

Anyway, peace, out


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I was against the idea of paying for essentially an unfinished product

You do tend to write speeches sometimes. Just saying πŸ˜‰

As to the quote above, I would be against paying for an unfinished product too. But Early Access, at least on the PC, means unfinished product + all future updates. That's fine with me, again as long as the project doesn't get abandoned which is always possible though unlikely.

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@zoglet said in SnowRunner - FAQ:

I was against the idea of paying for essentially an unfinished product

You do tend to write speeches sometimes. Just saying πŸ˜‰

Yeah I know mate. Force of habit. But as the Internet has many unjustified, subjective or poorly thought-out opinions and arguments, I think giving different opinions without explanation isn't really contributing. I make an effort to explain my position or opinion in a way that means people at least understand it, or perhaps even rethink or re-analyse their own.

Doesn't always work though πŸ˜‰

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I saw a post that it will be released in April 28th
on a dutch site believe what you want to believe

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@nightshadow3431 I made a thread that GameStop says April 28th too

Will the game ever be available on Steam?

there is already data for the PC
operating system
To be announced
To be announced
random access memory
To be announced
graphic card
To be announced
Free space
To be announced
To be announced
Supported languages
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese

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will we have to customize our vehicles
before we load into a game or will there be in match customization

when will we be able to preorder the premium edition for PS4 in the US?

@DUPREY you can pre-order a physical copy for PS4 but sadly Sony wouldn't allow a digital pre-order. So to get the navstar truck and the season pass you'll have to pay for them separately, I know it blows

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Is this a 32bit or 64 bit ?

@GFYRUBBIN new engine so i assume its 64