SnowRunner - FAQ

I hope so Mods would be easier.

Is there any early access for the game?

One question you said their will be multiplayer but will it be able to play multiplayer off-line

hey I have a question about the mods on ps4 when they are added post launch, are they going to be shafted like fallout 4? or will the modders be able to use external assets like they can on fs17/19

There seems to be an issue with joining friends. Are you aware or working on this issue?

I am having problems with It says Authentication Failed.

I have a problem on my PS4. I can't play with my steering wheel thrustmaster T500rs. Have you got the same problem?
How can I resolve it?

Thank you

What's the status on Console mod support

friends my and me for work not will ps4 on Multiplayer

Will there be a sale on SnowRunner and/or MudRunner any time soon?

how can I put vehicles on trailers without them just falling through them?

Would love to hear my trucks big diesel engine and huge turbo spooling sounds. I feel like they are a little underwhelming. (not to big on forums but love the game so I made a suggestion.) 🙂

Will there also be wheel support on console soon?

Hey spectacular game ever since it came out I have been binge playing when I can. Had a few suggestions that could be awesome for this game for future updates. First make a South America map like Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Also an African map like regions near the Congo and surrounding areas. Also an Australian map as well, like out in the outback as well as Antarctica near the old abandoned fishing village down their where some of the contracts have to make you go across the Antarctic wasteland to the research station. One of the things in this game would be nice is to make the Tuz 420 Tartarin amphibious would be nice for an add on to the game

I play this game on xbox one and I'm having a amazing time with. I have been seeing mods online on that look amazing and fun. My questions are. Do you know a round about time when mods will be available for console users such as myself? And how would we go about installing them on the console?

Why can i not play with my brother who is sitting right beside me on my cellular hotspot or my telus smart hub wifi. plz help me get my nat type to "open". i would love to play the game for what i bought it for, multiplayer

what date will snowrunner have mods on consoles??

hey does anymore know why my xbox one does have the mod mode button n how can i add it

I lost my truck during a random multiplayer session but how do i get it back sindse it was my best and only offroad truck and cost me a fortune?