SnowRunner - FAQ

This glitch just started today after going to Drummond Island, and I'm not too happy about it all my trucks that I have, are duplicating and I don't know want to do, because I don't want too sell them because I would have unlimited money and then there is no point in playing the game then. If someone knows how to fix this or at least do something about it that would be nice.

Focus really needs to work on console mods. I really do enjoy playing this game but;

1 - the bugs and glitches on console are getting quite annoying
2 - Console mods are a must ASAP

At this point I really don't have much enjoyment playing this game anymore until this is done. It's quite annoying watching the things you can do on PC but know it's unavailable on console. It may not mean much but Focus has lost my vote until they complete that. The game has just been out for too long now for them to be still dragging their feet the way they are.

Will the classic steering for my controller make a return? it is hard to drive vehicles now as the auto centering is bugged i do and has been for weeks, will the season 1 part 1 update feature an option to change the auto centering on or off? please bring this into the game