When having pistol only server:

Bots using sometimes still using rifles/pistols/rpg's when having pistol or sniper only ruleset on
Farmhouse When going to C you are in the red zone
and are dying from it. so you cant capture C
On farmhouse bots are dying from an heart attack
they are just dying out of no where.
i recorded some footage too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpl3XQ7UdGI

bolt action only:
same thing bots are using sometimes rifles pistols.

My server uses mutators.
and still i dont have that icon mutators


things i like to see.

we cant pick up pistol ammo from ground and we only have 4 mags...
give us more mags or let enemy drop ammo,
Pistols with any type of scope on it red dot would be nice too
same thing with sniper only servers

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