My Suggestions for the current state of the game...

Playing Co-op (PvE) this past week for about 22 hours I have noticed Various things that are hinder the enjoyablity of the game such as the amount of times the AI suddenly one tap you with a mosin as you turn a corner before you can even hipfire, or the abundance of homing Molotovs flying at the player from impossible distances. Now it's my personal opinion I believe after 127 hours playing this game, PvE feels half finished in terms of map and weapon variety for being a full release game. I know there is more to come but out of the box it seems kind of lack luster IMO. Now I don't know if its just me but with low ping and great internet speeds some guns such as the M4A1 seem to have hit detection issues on semi-auto which is slightly annoying.

Hey @FallenActual,

Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. Do you happen to have a video showcasing the AI issues and hit detection issue of the M4A1?

No but it seems common enough for anyone to be able to recreate as it does not seem to be a client-side issue

I'm sorry but this bot aiming and bots throwing molotovs and frags issue has been mentioned SO MANY times now.
And you guys are still asking for video proof, even though it's been posted multiple times.

MarksmanMax posted a pretty good video, so I'm going to post it yet once again:
Youtube Video – [03:35..]

You can watch it from that exact spot, or roll through the video.
The player has absolutely no chance to react this fast to bots.
They are broken, end of story, and they have been broken for multiple patches in a row and the devs showed clearly zero fucks to fix it, even though it's a major problem.

I played on tactical servers, where literally everyone communicated and moved as a team and covered each other only to end up without a head when Bot #69 killed us through the wall without ever seeing us, or threw a molotov into a window 15 meters above his head, or got insta killed by a bolt action, iron sighted POS from the WW2 era.

There are even better videos and in case I find them again, I'll post it here, but for the moment this is the only one I managed to find.