Weapons disappear after resupplying

In the last round of frenzy co-op I played as a machine gunner, whenever I resupplied at the crates (using M then confirm loadout) and switched weapon immediately after, all my weapons disappeared and I couldn't sprint. This would usually continue for a minute and then the weapons randomly appear again. NO amount of switching weapons/moving/jumping around/resupplying again around would fix the problem other than just to wait. This is a seriously annoying game-breaking bug.

can confirm this, happens every now and then as a gunner, but doesn't take a minute for me until they appear again.
can't confirm if the weapons appear again after time or cause of switching to something else. i will observe it if it happens to me again...

Happened to me too around 5 times now.

Hello everyone,

Do you still encounter this issue after installing update 1.4?