New more expensive cosmetics please.

I have thousands of credits lying around and i keep getting more basically everyday so i think it would be great to have some really cool cosmetics that would be in the price range of 5000-10 000+ credits.

Showing off something that expensive would be nice.

I only have vague ideas what these items could be but i was thinking about something that only the best special forces would wear or even weapon camos, but the devs can probably think of something fitting.

especially for the sloppy sandal fraction - I am fed up with having just another rug to wrap around. I want some business dress, or a surgeons gown, or maybe a bozo the clown with fluffy pointed shoes and all ...

They need to add basic camos to weapons I think. That would be a good way to spend your credits, only realistic colors, and maybe gold-plated for 10k (afterall terrorists/insurgents have done this in real life).