A place to talk about any possible fears for snowrunner

As the title states, I wanted to make this so we have a single spot to voice our fears and worries about snowrunner. To start us off, I hope we don't get flooded with 2x6/4x6 semis again. In my experience, they only serve to annoy me in the mud and drag out the completion time of a map due to constantly being stuck or unable to pull it's self and it's load. I don't hate them. Not at all I love them on the American maps I mudrunner, on paved road they are beasts, but for snow and mud and especially ice, if you've ever driven a semi before. Rear wheel drive trucks with heavy loads and ice have a history of disagreeing.

I'd very much like to hear your opinions on this subject and any fears you may have. Another is the multiplayer. It's fun and a source of a good laugh.....the first few times but the winch bungee glitch I really hope gets fixed. I've unintentionally sling shotted friends into Oblivion before and been on the receiving end cus of trolls. I'm hoping this will be fixed for snowrunner. A side worry, anyone else thing working rearview mirror a still won't come? Even in snow runner Id wager we still won't have them.

My biggest concern with any simulator or a game that calls itself a simulator is the physics! Are they real enough? With simulator games in general, usually they're not. A game may simulate every button in the cockpit, but if the physics are crap, I feel the game completely missed its objective and I have no interest in it. I don't think this will be the case with SR, as MR physics are pretty decent, except for the mud traction which is unrealistically high in deep mud, while pavement traction is unrealistically low (like driving on snow). I hope they fix that in SR so I don't have to tweak their values, or worse, not even be able to tweak their bad values.

I'm fine with RWD semis but of course I wouldn't want the game flooded with them either. They're fine on roads and the occasional mud challenge.

Mirrors would be nice, but I think a good looking dashboard (no overlay panel) is more important, and it looks like SR will deliver.

@Unster simulation is a good thing to worry over, bad simulation can be a nail in the coffin of a other wise amazing game. As for mirrors. There is a tiny spark of hope. I do love how the snow deforms under the tires