brightness issues

hey hey,

every now and then the game gets darker. Sometimes after spawning it's "almost night ingame", hitting ESC to go to the menu and back to the game solves it, until it gets darker again. Then going to the menu and back doesn't solve it, but resupplying. Sometimes I have to go to the menu and back multiple times and everytime it gets a little brighter, or darker. it's totally random...

after spawn

after opening the menu and go back

GPU is a GTX1070, I'm currently on the latest drivers (436.15)

my settings:
20190907133404_1.jpg 20190907133402_1.jpg 20190907133352_1.jpg

I think this behaviour got worse from update to update and it didn't bother me for a long time, but in the last weeks it annoys me very hard...

I once had the case while spectating, that there was a black "overlay" that faded in from the the corners until the whole screen turned black. Hitting ESC twice and everything went back to normal...

hope this can be solved in the near future. If you need more details, let me know...

ive had this issue since the beta

Hello @lt_delay,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you upload your DxDiag here, please?

@chaton said in brightness issues:

Hello @lt_delay,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you upload your DxDiag here, please?

sent you a private message with a link to the dxdiag... ✌

Auto-exposure levels are tied to lighting scenario themselves so it needs to be adjusted per level. Are these screenshots from Precinct ? @lt_delay

Some level of auto-exposure is going to be there as that's what we decided to use, however sometimes due to lighting scenario changes it may get overly dark or bright at peak levels which this one seems to be the case.

yes, that's on Precinct, Insurgents Spawn without car intro...

auto exposure is nice, i like it how it's in Ground Branch, but here it's a little bugged.
I'll take screenshots the next time it happens to find the places where it buggy and will let you know here... ✌