I will try to keep it short.

Local play is just a mess. It is near impossible to complete at times. The fact that you only have 3 AI companions is stupid. A 3 year old could perform better than these bots aswell. So basicly it is only you aginst... how many? like 16 bots that respawn constantly AND has firesupport? The bots are extremely unpredictable. Sometimes they just insta flickshot you like if it was a player using aimbot. They have incredible aim while on the move aswell. Sometimes they make no sound what so ever so they can just push up from behind while you are defending (on your own because the friendly AI is worthless). Since i expect to hear footsteps from behind I thought that I could hold the other way until I heard the footsteps.

There is another post which brings up these issues so I will not keep on writing about that.

I just think it is extremely poorly made and there MUST be changes rather quickly. I have had issues with this game since the beta but none of them seems to get fixed. I would suggest adding more friendly AI to local play since 3 is just not enough. You are basicly on your own. You should also add different difficulties. Easy, Normal, Hard, (lone wolf maybe).

It feels horrible to play solo. I like playing solo because then you can do everything on your conditions and you do not have the pressure of other people aswell as the toxicity that comes with it.