LE Beta: Post game dice summary critique


First off, really good job on the ui design on the post game dice summary! Onesandskull reports confused the hell out of me, and this report in contrast at first glance looks really easy to follow.

One thing that kinda messes with it though, is that armor, injury and casualty rolls are mixed in with all the other D6 rolls. The armor rolls against your players also seem to be listed on your teams rolls, which is unfortunate since it means there is a mix of rolls where high numbers are good for you and where high numbers are bad for you in the same summary. So seeing the total number of ones and sixes and such ends up not really telling you anything about weither or not you were lucky, which is a shame cause it's such a good idea.

I suggest moving armor rolls, injuries and casualties to their own cathegory, with their own summary of dice! So you would have three pages. One for block dice, one for players getting hurt or not and one for agility rolls. That would make it much easier to see how the dice fared in the game.

Community Manager

Thanks for your report. It's noted and we'll see what we can do about it.

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