Bug report?

During a name for a family, a guard fell asleep on the stairs and I can't get around him. I can't quit out of the side quest....

Hello butternuts and thank you for reporting this issue !

Can you give more information on how the bug occurred ? For exemple, during which objective and in which building (you can find this information on your local map).
Also, does this issue occur all the time if you reload a previous save ?

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Regards !

I don't know if I can report another bug here. I have tried two gamepads on steam version, xbox360 and xbox one controller, same issue. I can't move the right stick diagonally, so the camera feels very bad, I can move it only up, down, right and left, even inside the map can't move it diagonally.

I watched gameplays where people moves diagonally inside the map with gamepad so should be an issue because trying other games my gamepads are good! So please,please,please! Fix it.

With the left joystick I have to move it too much before the guy start moving, it feels like there is some kind of delay, its not enought sensitive, I have to push the left joystick I little bit more than usual to make the guy walk. Sorry for my English . Hope you will fix this up as soon as possible 🙂

i have a bug to report... i can t complete the family reunion sq with vasco because it doesnt update when i do all objectives. not only does it not update i dont get a reward and vasco is in my party permamently.



I think i ran into this same bug for Captain Vasco's side quest. It sorta turns into two bugs actually. After the guards at the warehouse for this quest were supposed to fall asleep, they were all standing up but couldn't detect me. Inside i could not proceed to the objective because two guards were standing in the way. I also could not kill / move them. After reloading that save the guards were lying on the floor, but still could not pass them on the stairs. I tried loading a save from before to redo the whole quest but the same problems occur.

When I finished destroying the Tenlan nests in the suffering of Constantin quest, only 2 are registering and the quest marker takes me to the Wenshavarr villager who thanks me for returning her sister to the earth.
Unfortunately, I can't progress in the trial of the waters since I'm pretty sure I get the seal of approval from Catasach.