Bug report?

During a name for a family, a guard fell asleep on the stairs and I can't get around him. I can't quit out of the side quest....

Hello butternuts and thank you for reporting this issue !

Can you give more information on how the bug occurred ? For exemple, during which objective and in which building (you can find this information on your local map).
Also, does this issue occur all the time if you reload a previous save ?

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Regards !

I don't know if I can report another bug here. I have tried two gamepads on steam version, xbox360 and xbox one controller, same issue. I can't move the right stick diagonally, so the camera feels very bad, I can move it only up, down, right and left, even inside the map can't move it diagonally.

I watched gameplays where people moves diagonally inside the map with gamepad so should be an issue because trying other games my gamepads are good! So please,please,please! Fix it.

With the left joystick I have to move it too much before the guy start moving, it feels like there is some kind of delay, its not enought sensitive, I have to push the left joystick I little bit more than usual to make the guy walk. Sorry for my English . Hope you will fix this up as soon as possible 🙂

i have a bug to report... i can t complete the family reunion sq with vasco because it doesnt update when i do all objectives. not only does it not update i dont get a reward and vasco is in my party permamently.



I think i ran into this same bug for Captain Vasco's side quest. It sorta turns into two bugs actually. After the guards at the warehouse for this quest were supposed to fall asleep, they were all standing up but couldn't detect me. Inside i could not proceed to the objective because two guards were standing in the way. I also could not kill / move them. After reloading that save the guards were lying on the floor, but still could not pass them on the stairs. I tried loading a save from before to redo the whole quest but the same problems occur.

When I finished destroying the Tenlan nests in the suffering of Constantin quest, only 2 are registering and the quest marker takes me to the Wenshavarr villager who thanks me for returning her sister to the earth.
Unfortunately, I can't progress in the trial of the waters since I'm pretty sure I get the seal of approval from Catasach.

Yet another bug to report. This time for PS4. Under the "An Ancient secret" Quest - The Prince's Secret, you need to "find proof again the Ordo Luminis". Once you kill the guards in the Ordo Luminis residence, there is no letter to find (which presumably there should be. Without it there is no way to progress through the main quest line. Any thoughts???


@exitworld from what you are telling me, seems like this is an issue on your side, are you using steam big picture ? Also, do you have multiple controllers connected at the same time ?

You may want to check your steam options concerning controllers.
Also, you may want to right click on the game in your steam librairy, go to properties, and try "forced on" and "forced off" under "steam input per-game setting.

@Zspiegs and @blind_seagull : Could you send us your save file? You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

You can send it at this adress : support@focus-home.com , if possible with as much details about your problem as possible.

@Jeremy hi, are you sure you checked every room ? the proofs should be in another small room after the fight on the 2nd floor.

Best regards.

Hi, I've posted this issue before but thought this might be a better place for it.

Every time I try to launch the game on Xbox One S it tells me I need to download an update that never starts, if I try to play the game afterwards it tells me to wait until it's finished installing.

I uninstalled the game to try again and now it won't even install.

I tried to play offline but because I couldn't download the latest update I would lose all my progress.

I hope there is a quick fix because I was really enjoying this amazing game and want to carry on with the story ASAP.

Bug on Xbox. The mission origins of thélème. Everything is complete for trouble in Eden but learn about the story of Eden. I'm guessing it has to do with someone not spawning or something. There is nothing on the map for objectives.

Bugs on ps4 , my companions don’t follow me ,they don’t fight alongside me in arena . Pls fix this issue

PS4, but i have found same problem on steam(https://steamcommunity.com/app/606880/discussions/1/1627412171708463922/), Problem with quest "Trouble in Eden" i have spoken with anyone in village even try speak with Vindwal but to no avail. in quest marked "Learn more about Eden" and noting more.

Bug where romance if gotten all the dialogues correct, and gotten the all the missions done for them, if they ask for a date inside the house it will not trigger the next romance scene when you enter the house again, I have restarted to get off the intro dialogues correct and I do not feel like loosing all my progress again just to get this to trigger, please help