Gamepad xbox one and 360 issue steam version

Hi, gamepad (xbox one, xbox 360) feels very weird and only with this game on steam version. I can't move the right joystick diagonally, only up,down,right and left, even inside the map (I watched gameplays where people can move it diagonally) son that feels very weird, algo the response of the left joystick is not sensitive, I have to do a long move with the joystick to make the guy walk, both things are very weird. The rest of my games are good so, should be an issue right? I Hope you will fix this please

Hello exitworld and sorry for the incovenience.

Can you give more information on how the bug occurred please ? For example :

Did you try to unplug then plug again your gamepads? Did you plug them before or after starting the game ? Does it make any difference ?
Have you multiple gamepads plugged at the same time ? Did you try with other controllers like steam or dualshock controller ?

Also, here's something you can try : unplug all USB devices except the keyboard, the mouse and the game controller.
Restart the computer and test.



I will try that, one thing, if I pug the xbox 360 controller before launch the game, it works perfectly, but still the issue with xbox one controller. I will try the things you mentioned and tell you some. Thanks, awesome game!

Okay I tried everything. With xbox one controller no matter when I plug it, always same issue, but if I plug xbox360 controller before launch the game works perfectly, if I plug xbox360 controller after launch the game I have the same bug. I know that is happening to more players.

Hello again and thank you for your feedbacks ! We are currently investigating the issue.

Meanwhile, can you check if your Xbox One controller driver is up to date, please ?

  • Open your Device Manager. Find and Expand Microsoft Xbox One controller. Right-click on it and click Update Driver Software. Then select Search automatically for updates drivers software.

Thanks and sorry once again.

yeah, it's updated, that was the first thing I checked, hope you fix it soon, now I'm playing with xbox360.