Blood Ravens lore-like marine mods for DoW2


These are my two mods for the second Dawn of War game.

DoW2 standard/Chaos rising campaign mod: Wrath of the Blood Ravens

Known bug: Do not wear Terminator armour to any Angel gate missions or it crashes in DoW2. Do not kill the guardsmen traitors too fast in Chaos Rising first intro mission or the cutscene bugs up, may crash.

DoW2 Retribution skirmish mod: Vengeance of the Blood Ravens

Requires all graphical settings on maximum due to a model error with one of the thousands of models that makes SM crash when graphics are not set to the best.

Expect massive battles, powerful Space Marines and lots of new units.
SM commanders: 40k Chapter Captain, 30k Legion Captain, Grey Knights Captain.
IG commanders: Cadian General, Krieg General, Tau commander.

I play the game with this mod and I definitely recommend it.