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This game really needed to be more flushed out tactically speaking.

Having a “Watch this direction” like the old SPace Hulk: VOBA — would be so bloody useful.

I find though that positioning your squad carefully as to give their little brains enough time to a) react b) be facing the right direction — can make them a wee bit more effective.

It’s a shame — there’s a potentially really great games here.

What’s other folks take on playing solo? Any strategies/tips ?

I do find I generally I equip my guys with a bolter, as when equipped with say the minigun, you then have to figure in a) react b) face the right direction and c) precious seconds before he gets the minigun firing..... and in CQC environments — reaction times are crucial!
Give one of the Terminators a minigun is next to useless in anything but large open environments or very, very long corridors!