Bugs (PC/steam/RUS)

Hi there.
I was really interested in this game but was a little bit sad to find this kind of bugs.
In this topic, I'll publish bugs what I found.

  1. I play as a woman character, but in 1 from 10 chances people call me "Man/He/His/Him/etc". Is it a problem of Russian localisation?
  2. Check the screens plz - here a lot of TYPO in history text
  3. Standart clothes textures also have problems. (screens)
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Hello actrise,

thank you for reporting these issues and the developers have been notified.

Thanks !


Russian localisation is straight awful, there is not only lots of mistakes, but some part have plain wrong translation. You definetly should not pay for something like this, since there is groups who are making better russian translation of the games for free.

Hello actrise,

Thank you so much for all your bug reports, we are still reading your messages and we are currently transferring it to the developers.

Thank you again ! 🙂