Cheesy Pixelwalk Spot on Hillside

Basically, this.

This is very annoying and cheesy, I hope it can be removed.

Good day.

@ham-cucumber Very easy to pick off players who are there--you can see their feet easily from the floor below, and they're fully exposed if you approach from the top of the stairs. It looks ridiculous, but it's hardly worth worrying about when you consider things like smokes and frontline respawns being broken.

It's an easy fix. Therefore, they should fix it.

@tedeski It's not as easy as you think depending on the player angle and position.

Pixelwalks like this one that gives you unintended advantage will get fixed, this one is already fixed in our internal builds thanks to this report.

@Arc Here is another on Crossing, objective B on Push Security.

Good day.

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@ham-cucumber I agree with you. But personally, if I were developing this game, I would want to change things that affect the largest amount of players (and therefore have the most significant impact on overall quality and public opinion) before I fix things that will be an issue for 3-4 players in 1% of the games played in a day.

I'm not saying it shouldn't get fixed. I'm saying other things (like the awful smoke rendering mechanics and a slew of other game-breaking issues) should get fixed before cheesy pixel-walks.

I'm technically talking out of my ass here, since I have never worked in UE4, but removing a clipping asset that you can pixelwalk on is a matter of minutes, if it works anything like it did in Source. You only have to know it's there. Then you have to remove the clipping in that exact spot. Done. And if I were a betting man, I would bet that the person doing what I just described is not the person that takes care of the high level coding needed to adjust smoke rendering. Feel free to correct me on that if you have the facts. In any case, like forum moderators have made clear, the team sorts out their priorities for themselves; they need neither me, nor you to do it for them. So I'm gonna keep these exploits coming because they seriously annoy me. Thanks for your opinion though.

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