No dedicated Push queue anymore

Everything is in the title...

This new update is great, weapons are pretty cool, the map is awesome (as always all maps in this game are just so well made), the new gamemode is nice too, and the vote system is really welcome...

BUT there is now no possibility to only play one gamemode (Push is the one im interested in and this is all I play for more than a year now).
This is actually pretty bad, and once again shows that the community is not listened to (or at least that the player base is not understood properly by the devs, as a lot of us are here for the slow paced but tactical gameplay).

Anyway, this is an issue that I think needs to be adressed, because some of us just don't want to be forced to play a gamemode that we don't want every second game (or even the majority of the time as new players often avoid Push).

Please hear us out for once

Push and Frontline are very similar. Did you try Frontline yet?

I did, I think it is a good addition to the game but imo it should have just replaced the very unbalanced gamemode that is Skirmish. But even tho it is a good mod it is still not any close to the feeling that you get playing Push, and I dont want to play it against my will.

Yes, the new update is trash. Forcing game modes on people when they don't like them is dumb as shit.