Hillside v1.4 bugs

Some bugs on hillside.

There's atleast two places where the player will clip into the environment. Here are images

Also there seems to be a bug with the respawn waves when on Hillside Security Frontline and defending B/A. We were unable to respawn.

This video shows the round timer going to zero, then bouncing back up to 10 seconds without letting our team respawn.

New map is great and it's a lot of fun! Thanks for the great work.

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Yes the respawn issue is pretty major and hope it gets fixed soon.

Have also experienced the respawn timer bug. Happens on Frontline when one team unlocks the last objective. Has happened multiple times in a row. Here's an example of when it happended to me: https://youtu.be/X9F8QUNZWTE

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Frontline had a BUG, fix it please.

At one point I thought this was intentional since if your surviving teammates recapture the D objective your team is once again able to spawn. However, Frontline works with the waves system, which is redundant if that's the case.

If it's really a bug, well, lets say that watching the opposing team taking out your cache without being able to defend it (especially once the whole team is dead) is pretty frustrating and in this case, time consuming.

Apart from that, I've really been enjoying the new map and game mode!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for pointing out these issues from update 1.4. I'll pass them on to the team!