[PC] map VEDRAD : routing problem

I just hope I put this in the right place :
Version : PC, windows 10.
Map : VEDRAD "red woods" screen by Lightshot
North of the camp : Verdrhais

I guess we are not supposed to access the LANVRAS other than by sneaking between the rocks, but I could enter by dropping from the south ledge. Of course I could not get out later (it takes 2 levels of intuition). Fortunately I had made a quicksave just before.

It's not that much of a bug , but rather it's a routing problem.

In addition, the automatic backup is triggered after defeating the LANVRAS, if someone does that without saving before he may end up somewhat disappointed.

Apart from that, the only thing that bothers me is to have sprint and dodge on the same button and the keybidding in general, just like many players (i have to use AHK in the end).

I hope it's useful for others and good game.


Hello Saphir51,

Thank you for the report ! We've notified the developers of this issue 🙂

Regards !