Game breaking bug: main quest came to a halt

I progressed through the main story, and came to a quest: Trial of waters. I cannot progress for some reason. I looked online and apparently the quest "the prince's secret" was never added to my list therefore I have a few quests that have not occurred, I cannot progress any further and I have no saves before finishing the quest immediately before it, so unless this bug is fixed I will lose all of my progress. I WAS having a fantastic time with the game but to retrace my steps at this point would be AGONIZING and I would hope this gets fixed soon. Like super soon. I was prepared to love this game and thus anyone with an idea of how to fix it on my end is encouraged to let me and everyone else know. Otherwise I hope the mods make the dev team aware of this asap.

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I have the same problem I really hope there is a fix for this, I was having a good time with the game.

@sagadegeminis I am devastated because I am so charmed by this game. I actively want to get back to helping people and trying to bring peace

@sagadegeminis and worst of all is that it took 20 hours of gameplay from the bug happening to me discovering the issue

Yep I have the same bug too. Such a shame, since the game has been really good so far.

I too have this bug on Xbox one. I have completed all of the side quests as well.

@aceof1986 I was waiting for a patch but I ending up playing again from a save file before Old countries and Mystery of the Ruin quest, then I got the Prince quest and a bunch of great quest after this. I finished the game today, and they still haven't fixed this bug.

I ended up just starting the game over. I loved the story. Just wish you could play it in any order as it seems was intended