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Hello everyone!

Firstly, I’m absolutely loving the game so far. I’ve been playing for 5 hours and have only just reached the island. It’s so much fun!

There is just one thing that is making it hard for me to play, and that is the text/font size. I’m on PS4 and have a fairly large TV and good vision, but some of the text is just a tiny bit too small for me to be able to read (or looks blurry because of its size) without moving closer every time anything pops up.

Subtitles aren’t too bad, it’s more the menu screens, notes you find, dialog options and onscreen info pop ups that seem the smallest.

Would it be possible to add an option for larger text in a future patch for those who may also be struggling?

Anyway, great job on this game!

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Hopefully they will add option to increase subtitle size. I found it too small too.

What I noticed after playing. (Xbox)

  • At the time of dialogue, the camera keeps changing all the time. When the dialogue is big, it gets annoying.
  • I would like an option to remove background blur on the console (Xbox and Ps4).
  • It would be welcome to have a black background band in the subtitles. Subtitles are very small, and with the change in the close-up camera all the time, it bothers you a little.

Hello everyone,

Our new patch will be able to correct the size of the subtitles and you will be able to adjust them to your liking.
This patch is already available on PC and is going to be released quite soon on both PS4 and Xbox One.

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When will the new patch be available?