Vinbarr's Sanctuary Bug?

Hello there.
I have a problem with the Vinbarr's Sanctuary mission. As u can see in the pictures, i defeated Cera, i have seeds and I still can't open the gate. Did anyone have the same problem or its only me? gf1.jpg gf2.jpg gf3.jpg gf4.jpg

Hello Koxmastah !

Did you try to interact with the two altars in front of the gate ?

Best regards 🙂

Yes, that's why I wrote this post, there is no interaction with the altars 😞
When I approach the altar, the star disappears.

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Does this issue occur all the time if you reload a previous save ?

If that's the case, can you send your save file to with the description of your issue, please ?
You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

Thanks and sorry once again.