Wearing a Cape in this looks god awful thanks to it not flowing properly its as if you have frame rate on the Cape is under 30 stuttering all over. Why is yet another developer releasing an unfinished buggy game?
I've had npcs walking nonstop into walls, standing in a spot with their arms raised in a t shape, mobs hit me when I'm still well out of range of the visual hit itself. Why does everyone these days seem to brush off such bugged products. Could be worse I guess. I guess the days of paying for an actual finished product is gone with the wind in this generation. Before anyone mentions specs of the PC I'm on a 2080 ti and an i9 processor and 32g or ram so dont even use hardware as an excuse..
The immersion in this game is pretty broken thanks to lazy decision and mechanics. Take the first boss battle.. beat the dude with a rifle and the end scene I'm holding a pistol I dont even own in my inventory lul immersion broken from your first act of the game. I feel so let down I went and bought this on day 1.. bought a key so I cant even refund this half done game. This is Kingdom Come Deliverance all over again. You shouldn't have to wait for updates everytime a new game is released. This industry is pathetic now it's just cash grabs on unfinished games. Edit. Quartermaster Manfred talks with his eyes fully closed on this play through..

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