Ps4 The Coup D'etat Bug

Cannot progress in main quest Treason! I have all green checkmarks in quest log except for: Prevent the Coin Guard commander from fleeing. I have made it to the port as the papers indicated. The cutscene is not registering. If i have to wear the guards uniform, i cannot, my endurance is not level one. Please advise if have missed something. Hate to delete this game was having fun until this. Thank you

Hi! I was having this issue as well. I restarted my last save before I went into the Coin Guard barracks. After killing the lieutenants, I exited out of the front gate instead of sneaking back around from where I entered. Exiting out of the front gates triggered the cutscene for me. Hope this helps!

Hello. I finally got the cutscene to trigger. There was a wall i had to climb up in an alley way for whatever reason. I was not even near the port though. Spoilers incoming....However i killed the commander...i did not get the cutscene saying we missed him as YouTube showed. Not sure what i did to keep him from escaping but I'm able to progress now.