Who asked for Frontline again??

Why spend the time and resources to include Frontline as a gamemode? It is very similar to Push, and I don't see many Push players dying for a new, yet similar, gamemode. What Push players really want (at least what I gather from this subreddit's posts) is better spawn restrictions, which should be much less resource intensive than creating a whole new gamemode. Frontline wasn't even a popular mode in Day of Infamy. Even a year ago, when DOI's player count was slightly better than it is now, I rarely played a Frontline scenario. The most popular modes in DOI are Invasion (Push) and Offensive (Push with an additional respawn mechanic for defenders).

Instead of including a gamemode that wasn't asked for, why not work on gamemodes that have been asked for since launch? Ambush actually has real potential for Sandstorm. Personally, I felt that the Source maps weren't very well suited for Ambush with their size and focus on Lanes (I'm looking at you Ministry! Or Station, or Market, or District, or Revolt), but Sandstorms maps are so much more spread out and allow for tons of possibilities with this mode. There is also a well established playerbase for Ambush from Insurgency 2014 when there isn't an established playerbase for Frontline. It wouldn't even be that hard to implement - put 2 to 3 extraction areas onto a map and let the players figure out how the hell they're going to get there. That's the whole appeal of the mode anyway - the teamwork and coordination it takes to get your VIP to extraction while simultaneously performing false attacks on the other extraction points.

For coop, hardcore checkpoint and frenzy checkpoint are great fun and break up the monotony of the same objective layouts, but they're ultimately still just checkpoint with "mutators". There are so many GREAT coop modes from the Source game. Hunt, Survival, Outpost. And once again, Sandstorm's maps would just feel right when playing these modes. Outpost in Sandstorm would allow larger objectives with more chances for the enemy AI to come pouring in - we already can see that with the objective holding in Checkpoint. Night maps and NVG just scream out for Hunt to make a return. Just imagine going through Summit or Hideout looking for those last two insurgents that you need to kill. Survival? With all the added buildings, open roads, one would actually have to work to survive. Tell from Source was imo the best Survival map just because you could turn a blind corner and run into the enemy. With the openness of Sandstorm's maps, the enemy could be anywhere and give the player the feeling of constantly being in trouble. Survival was just a blast in general too. Starting with just a pistol and eventually working yourself up to a fully kitted out M4, chest carrier with 3 grenades, and heavy armor? Sign me up!

At least you still have plenty of players playing your playlist, us Skirmish/Firefight players got SUPREMELY dunked on (Skirmish more so than Firefight as there's also Competetive Firefight to choose from).

They added Frontline because the vast majority asked for it on the first survey. I doubt the current map design is really gonna work out for ambush since there's actually a ton of angles and the map are pretty open. They could probably Reduce the map size and the teak the layout or something, That being said, Ambush is coming sometime next year.

I dont think that the current Firefight map layouts are too large for Ambush. There are plenty of ways to traverse through those maps with minimal exposure. With Ambush, hopefully the VIP is receiving cover and support from his teammates which would further reduce that issue.

I asked for Frontline and I'm glad they added it. Speak for yourself. The current issue this that you have to choose between either Push or Frontline, in which case Frontline loses. It was definitely asked for, and judging by how often it gets voted for in Ground Battle (RIP), people certainly enjoy playing it, if only to mix things up and not play only Push. Again, speak for yourself. If you don't like the mode, don't vote for it. There are more than enough Push matches played in Ground Battle so satisfy someone that isn't into Frontline. So from my point of view? Frontline is one of the best additions to the game so far, if it weren't for the hotfix that messed the matchmaking up again.

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@ham-cucumber problem was how people who want to play push only are forced into a crap game mode they don't want to play.

Then why again did the whole lobby regularly vote for it?

@ham-cucumber Well, looks like there are 524 people playing push and 124 on frontline right now. People could have been picking it because it was new. You could have also been in a server full of like minded people.

Or I could have been in Ground Battle, happily playing at least two Push matches for every Frontline match, together with people who feel exactly the same because Ground Battle was absolutely dope. Saying Frontline has less players is such a dumb argument because people are being forced to play either instead of being able to play both, which was not only what overlord Mikee envisioned, but as far as the general consensus seems to be, those two modes actually fit together. If you don't like it, don't vote for it; if your argument has any merit, you won't have to play Frontline if anybody that does want to play Frontline is outnumbered at least 5:1. But that's not the case. Other people like me want to play both, but can't because the current system doesn't allow for it. I'm happy to finally play something else than just Push, and now that I can, the matchmaking system forces you to play either, when Ground Battle was exactly what this game needed to consistently gather enough players for any given match.

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You can easily drop and go to frontline server and choose what YOU want to play and nobody gets forced to play a game mode they don't want to play. Win win. Late last night there were still 100 people playing that frontline trash. You can get a game if you want. Leave the rest of us out of it. We'll play what we want and you do the same.

You seem to be intentionally missing the point. With a playerbase this small, a playlist system is needed so that players aren't split among too many modes. The possibility that people don't get to play what they want every game has been acknowledged my Mikee in a dev stream and is mitigated by the majority vote. It's the perfect system for this game. And no, 100 players globally isn't enough to get a Frontline match going. I've tried it.


He's a chronic spawn camper that plays with 8 stacks to spawn kill people for 25 minutes in push. That's why he's upset. He doesn't know how to / his stack doesn't know how to play frontline and therefore is posting on every thread related to it.

@ham-cucumber you are missing the point. If the game mode isnt popular enough to stand on its own then maybe it needs removed.

like talking to a brick wall lmao

@ham-cucumber Brick wall? Maybe. I just don't see why I should be forced to waste my gaming time playing something I dont want to play. You guys say I'm being selfish, but I'm not trying to force you guys into playing a game you don't want to play. You guys are doing that.

Frontline mode is there with enough people for you to get a game. Go play it all you want. If you want to play something else, switch servers and play it.

No offense, but from what I have seen you seem to be the minority on that front.

@ham-cucumber said in Who asked for Frontline again??:

No offense, but from what I have seen you seem to be the minority on that front.

Then why did they announce on reddit they listened to feedback and decided to change it back to dedicated servers? Hmmm.

@ham-cucumber I didnt see where they said firefight? Can you link that for me?

All I saw was this:
Thank you sincerely for your feedback, we heard it and we made an adjustment. Now every official Versus mode has its own dedicated playlist. We will iterate on the system further as needed, so please, continue to share your thoughts if you feel more changes should be made.