Who asked for Frontline again??

No, it was Skirmish and Firefight players (rightfully) complaining on Discord that they can't find matches anymore because the two modes are too different to be in one playlist, while the complaints about Push and Frontline being together seemed to be pretty much zero. If anything, I saw people welcoming the fact, especially in game. Except you and OP, that is. NWI applied the compaints about Firefight and Skirmish to every mode, which now makes people unhappy, again when looking at the forums and the Discord server.

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@ham-cucumber what region are you? What time of day can you not get in a frontline game under the dedicated server method?

Dedicated server method? Enlighten me.

@ham-cucumber I'm just talking about the current method of choosing a game. Where you can pick the game mode you want to play instead of the combo. Is there a certain time of day you can't get a match hitting the frontline button ?

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