Small list of small bugs


Here is a list of minor bugs and glitches. Sorry for my friend talking in some of the clips.

DISCLAIMER: I am aware of how irrelevant some of these bugs are. You don't need to tell me. However, all but two of these bugs were recorded in one single play session. This game lacks polish at the moment. Bugs and minor to moderate glitches are a near constant presence. The game is just janky right now. That's pretty much all I'm trying to communicate with this post.

First bug: infinitely ejecting empty shells from a shotgun.
Just emtpy a shotgun, and on the last shot, the shotgun will not be pumped until you press R to reload.
After you start the reload and the empty shell is ejected, you can cancel the reload and start it again, resulting in another shell magically being ejected from the gun. This could be fixed by introducing a staged reload in this specific scenario.

Youtube Video

Second bug: I don't know how to describe it in words, so I will let the pictures do the work.




And although I don't have a picture of it, when he held his secondary, the bolt, gun itself and magazine were each floating individually like with the primary if you look closely.

Here is a video of it.
Youtube Video

Third bug: floating gas masks.
The gas masks on players float between their feet. This bug is rather old and was supposedly fixed at some point. Maybe the fix was unintentionally reverted? I don't know.

Either way here are two videos of it:

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Fourth bug: floating ammo.
Don't have anything to say about this one. It's a tiny thing.


Fifth bug: a helmet adapting the floor texture.
This is a weird one. The head of a corpse started using the texture of the ground or maybe reflecting it like a mirror.

Youtube Video

Sixth bug: stairs with no slope
Normally, stairs are just a slope that you walk up so your camera doesn't awkwardly bounce around. Not this one though.

Youtube Video

Seventh bug: floating assets
A bit random but I'm too lazy to crawl around the map actively looking for these. These are just two I bothered to hit F12 on.
20190913051027_1.jpg 20190911025547_1.jpg

Eighth bug: possbily not even a bug but it looks weird as hell since he doesn't move in the slightest.
He is just stiffly looking to the left. It's weird as hell.

20190828065446_1.jpg 20190828065437_1.jpg

Ninth bug: wasted as fuck truck driver crashing the truck pre-game
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to record this one, but it was absolutely hilarious. We were just sitting in the truck waiting to play when suddenly the truck glitched into the 4th dimension and rolled over several times. One teammate got stuck under it and had to be put out of his misery. We all had a good laugh.


Tenth bug: molotov with holo scope
Is this the type of molotov the bots use? Would explain a lot.


Lastly, as quick feedback of the update: It's good. I like the new map and as someone that previously only played Push and now Frontline, the new matchmaking system serves me well, even though it's still somewhat buggy in terms of filling up matches. And although I get shit for it from some people, I really like the new Galils and think they are a fine addition to the game. They might not be "good", competitively speaking but they are fun as hell.

Also, goddamn are bananas girthy in this game. Made me blush. Shoutout to the level designer.

Bottle for scale.

Anyway that's it, the recent hotfix took care of the serious problems so all things considered the game is in the best spot it has been yet, in my personal opinion. Have a good one!

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Bump for visibility! Very well put together.

Hey @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for this list of issues with screenshots and videos. I'll pass them on to the team!
However, can you give us more details regarding how MK14 and SVD on Advisor ruins Push & Frontline?

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