Keep the Ground Battle playlist


I'm glad you guys react to feedback so quickly, but as someone who followed the complaints about the new playlist system, I would like to point out that people only seemed to have an issue with Skirmish and Firefight being grouped together, while the Ground Battle playlist seemed to serve people well. The reason I think it worked is because both Push and Frontline do a similar thing, which is focusing on capturing a point together with your whole team, throwing absolutely everything you have at the enemy to capture a point. So in Ground Battle, you can just play a few rounds of Push with Frontline in between them, which people regularly voted for and seemed to enjoy despite a lack of polish and easy exploitability. With the new system though, people have to choose between queueing for Push or Frontline exclusively, and in such a scenario, Frontline just loses, even though it's a really fun mode. And that is just sad, in my opinion.

No one is queueing for it, because you need to queue for it specifically now. Not because nobody wants to play it. People often voted for Frontline to change things up and it did increase the variety of play, which kept me playing longer. It worked perfectly before and I liked the change. Now its just a worse version of the old system because you can't queue for multiple modes.
Please revert this and bring back the Ground Battle Playlist.

If you feel otherwise, or agree with me, dont hesitate to weigh in.

Much love.

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I concur. Skirmish and Firefight suffered from the playlists because they were too different, but Frontline and Push don't share this issue. They complimented each other very well and I think were the best example of the new playlist system doing something right.

With that in mind, please don't give in to people asking to be allowed to queue just for security in co-op. That defeats the entire purpose of the playlist system that you labored to make. Checkpoint insurgents would become dead.

People will vote for usually less popular variants if they can break up the pace of matches. People will never join a game with a low population.

I also prefer a system where i can play all game modes with out having to leave a que the old system was fine people who didtn want to play ceratain things could limit their searches, and I would be able to play all maps and all modes in one day, ever since play lists came out I have only played pvp on ministry one time after recruiting players from discord to search for all regions even then the match did not fill up>

I propose that you keep the play lists for clarity for new players who want to play just one game type, to fix the under fill of many servers pleas add a search for all mode like it used to be as the first option and then if players want to divide them selves up make that the second choice