QOL Suggestion For Team Balancing

Why not add the option to switch to the opposing team when the teams are unbalanced? This way avoids an auto balancer that switches players randomly who may not want to switch teams, but also lets players choose if they happen to be 2-3 players above the other team to switch and make the game more enjoyable. Definitely more relevant now with rolling matches as many times at the start of a new match players drop leaving lop-sided teams. Thoughts on this? At the moment the only auto-balance is more players joining but that doesn't always happen.

Yesterday I've played the new game mode called Ground Point it's called I believe, but there was no teambalancing at all. We played 7 vs 3 for about 10 min. and there was no auto balancing and I wanted to switch teams to help the one who was with only 3 but it's not allowed. I left the server after that because it was so unfair, we won all rounds in 1 min. I really hope this will be fixed. Let us change teams or make a good auto team balancer please.

All I can say is this: on the CTE there was a working implementation of Team Balancing that I have not yet seen in live. Maybe it was just active in Frontline? I don't know, all I do know is that I keep playing terrible matches where one team is twice as big as the other and it kills my hard on for this game.

Just had a match with 4 defenders and 10+ attackers. Maybe leaver penalty if you leave two matches a day? Like 50 credits or something.

Hello all,

Thanks for your feedback. This has been passed on to the team!