Can we keep the frontline & push combo mode?

I actually like frontline, but no one really wants to queue for just frontline. We don't have enough players for this many game modes, they should be combined and people can vote on which one they want to play at the end of each match. I saw a lot of people vote for frontline during the push/frontline combo mode. Can we bring this back?

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Yes. I agree and I said the exact same thing. Glad I'm not the only one. Cheers.

Hell no. Let people play what they want

Yes absolutely, I just made a post about this too. Why they would want to split up the modes again is beyond me. The map vote doesn't have to just be a map vote, it can be a mode vote also


I know that you're only upset that you don't know how to spawn camp in front line, but please stop crying about this on every post related to it. You're a toxic player, almost exclusively LMG spray into spawns, and are just upset that you don't know the best LMG spray spots. Don't act like people don't know you and the other kids you play with.

Also, that's the point of voting, to play what the majority wants to play. The fact is that we don't have enough players to have five separate queues. "Let people play what they want" is impossible, you're only thinking of yourself here.

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Im far from a kid and most of my kills are from a m4 iron sights. Nice try.

Also shows you're ignorant of the game mechanics as you can't lmg spray directly into a spawn. There is also spawn protection which goes away the moment you go to leave spawn. Let me guess, you are one those people that consider spawn to be 100 meters.

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